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The cost of your session will be £50.00

This includes the shoot and a 5x7 inch print.

 You are under no obligation to spend any more.

The shoot itself will take appoximately 60-90 minutes.

You will have the opportunity to buy your favourite images from your own private password protected online gallery once they have been uploaded to my website.

We can discuss the many affordable options during our pre-shoot meet.

A Range of Other Products are Available

Once you have decided to book your experience, the next step is to choose a day and a location.

This can be done over the phone, but preferably in person or over a Zoom Video call.

I could even join you walking your dog to get to know you both before the day.

During the relaxed, pre-shoot meeting, we will discuss what will happen and the different products you will have to choose from after you have viewed the final set of images from your own private gallery.

You will have the chance to ask any questions you may have so as you will be completely happy and know what to expect.

From the day of the shoot the images will take approximately 2-3 weeks before they are uploaded.

I want this to be an experience for you, as well as your dog and something you can tell your friends about.

Ultimately, the result being you have a beautiful piece of fine art that you can be proud of displaying in your house.

We will be keeping a close eye on the weather leading up to the day of your shoot as poor light conditions will have an affect on the quality of your images.

If the day of your shoot is bright and sunny, the best times will be the first couple of hours after sunrise or the last couple of hours before sunset.

If it is overcast and cloudy, then anytime is fine.

If it rains we will reschedule at a time that suits you. Don't worry, this won't affect the cost of the session.

After you have taken you time to view your own on line gallery, we can meet again to give you the opportunity to order the items that you want.

Just let me know what you have decided on, and your images will be printed for you by a specialist so as you are certain to be getting the best quality.

You have the choice of many different sizes as Prints, Block Prints or why not treat yourself to a beautiful Canvas.

Alternatively, you have the choice of purchasing a Hi-Res Digital Image which will allow you to print any image at any size, it will be forever yours giving you infinite options.

The prints do not come with frames, if you require me to supply your print with a frame please contact me for a quote. 

When your selected images are ready I will contact you to arrange delivery.

My Best

David Charles Cleary

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