Match Day Photography

If you are a football club looking for a photography match day experience then look no further.

I will provide a team photo along with individual player pics for each squad member on the day along with a 90 minute match shoot picking out the best of the action during the game.....and if it's a cup game and it's level at full time you'll get 30 minutes free and possibly the drama of a shoot out!!

For an example of the images you will receive, head over to the Frimley Green FC section of this site and use the drop down list to view each individual match day set of pictures.

I will then edit your photos and return them to you within 14 days on a flash drive.

Please note that poor light can affect the quality of the images and if the weather is too bad we may have to reschedule, I want you to have the very best.

All the best images will be provided on a flash drive.

The cost of the package would be £200 as an introductory price until the end of January 2019 which split between the squad works out very affordable.

I played the game myself to a good level and know the dressing room banter that goes on.

Believe me you will have great fun looking through these and some images will provide great ammo for the mickey taking(gotta keep it clean) which works to bring the squad together as a unit.

Photo's are memories that will last forever and these would be great to show your children and grandchildren.

This is my passion and want to let my images speak for themselves.

My Very Best Regards

David Charles Cleary