Dog Photography

Once you have booked your dogs shoot, we will meet at a suitable venue and spend an hour or so getting to know one another on a slow walk at the chosen location.

I will take some fun candid photos of your dog behaving naturally during the walk, then we can find an ideal spot to stage some shots of you with your dog together.

We can then get some action shots using a ball, stick or the dogs favourite toy of your dog jumping and chasing or simply playing.

It's extremely important to me that you are happy with your final product so for this reason we will be keeping a close eye on the weather as poor light can affect the quality of the images, I want you to have the very best.

My love of animals and mans best friend in particularly has led me down the path of specialising in Dog Photography.

Every single dog is different, they all have their own personalities, moods and every single one brings unconditional love.

After having a terrible day nothing is more heart warming than being greeted by that friendly face and that look of love in their eyes......bad day forgotten.

My aim is to capture that dog you know so well and those little looks that only you recognise in a series of still images that you can be proud to look at time and time again.

This is my passion and want to let my images speak for themselves.

Introductory Price until the end of January 2019 is £50

The shoot and your choice of 5 digital images are included in the price.

When the images are ready for you to view I will give you a password to your own private page on my website so as you can browse through them in your own time and select the 5 you like the most.

My Very Best Regards

David Charles Cleary